This week celebrates The Living Wage Campaign. So what is it and why is it so awesome? 

Watch the video below to understand what the campaign is about and see some stats about how it has helped the businesses who have signed up to pay a fair wage in Brighton and Hove.

Currently The Living Wage is £8.75 per hour across the UK and £10.20 per hour in London. There are over 350 businesses now signed up to The Living Wage Campaign in Brighton and Hove.

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Statistics are from The Living Wage survey of members in 2017.

Photos by Simon Callaghan:

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Did you know it’s Living Wage Week? Let’s talk about the Living Wage Campaign.

So What is The Living Wage?

It is not the governments National Living Wage. It is not the Minimum Wage. It’s the Living Wage.

and it’s about paying employees a decent rate so they can live, not just survive.

How much is the Living Wage? Currently it is £8.75 per hour. In London the Living Wage is £10.20 per hour.

Every year it is updated by calculating basic costs of living in the UK.

The Living Wage does not apply to apprentices or interns but it does apply to people over 18, unlike the National Living Wage which applies only to those who are 25 or older.

In 2012 the Brighton and Hove Living Wage campaign was launched to help tackle poverty in the city… and has since signed up over 350 businesses!

It is run by the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce and businesses can sign up to show their support AT LIVINGWAGEBRIGHTON.CO.UK

Top positive outcomes of being part of the campaign meant they could
1. Recruit new staff
2. Encourage other businesses to join
3. Win new customers, bids or tenders.

57% said it improved staff morale and 35% said employee retention has improved.

22% saw an improvement in staff productivity and quality of work.

71% described the impact of paying the Living Wage on staff as fairly or very positive

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