Tips For Filming Yourself On A Phone, iPad or Webcam

Business may not be exactly “as usual” with the current world situation but companies still need to remain competitive and can even take advantage of a growing digital audience. Increasingly, I am working with people who might need to record a quick video on their phone for marketing purposes but have no experience. These tips will help you to create something easily that is decent quality.

Really don’t have time to read this blog? Just do these 4 things…

  1. Have the light source (light/window) shining towards your face, not behind you.
  2. Record somewhere quiet and turn off noisy appliances and especially music that might be in the background.
  3. Get the camera as close as you can to eye height. Looking up your nose is not a flattering shot!
  4. Wear headphones for interviews/panels – it will reduce interference.

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