WebProfile-LauraEvansLet’s Talk Video Production is run by Laura Evans.

It means a lot to me when clients tell me that they love the videos produced and that they felt emotional watching them. I realise how important these projects are to people and their businesses and think this is something I can help you to enjoy doing, even if you are not experienced in front of a camera.

I believe in making the process as easy as possible for participants – that way you can relax and have some fun! After all, this is a creative process where you get to do something that is a little different from the day-to-day norm. Therefore, I can take over project management, provide direction and coaching and keep crew to a minimum so you don’t have to perform in front of a crowd. This also keeps costs down for you. If you prefer to recruit a professional presenter I can source that person for you.

With a background in sales, marketing and video production, I approach projects with a strategic view with the aim of ensuring that the right messages are communicated in a way that fits your brand and promotes best practice SEO.

Although based in Brighton in Sussex, filming is possible across the South, in London and anywhere your budget stretches to.


You may already know me from the years I have spent producing and presenting the Brighton Business Show on RadioReverb; something that helped develop my skills as an interviewer who can get the best out of people and put them at ease.

I am an Ambassador for Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce and also an avid sports enthusiast and competitive fighter (so you may see me with the odd black eye!).