Business may not be exactly “as usual” with the current world situation but companies still need to remain competitive and can even take advantage of a growing digital audience. Increasingly, I am working with people who might need to record a quick video on their phone for marketing purposes but have no experience. These tips will help you to create something easily that is decent quality.

Really don’t have time to read this blog? Just do these 4 things…

  1. Have the light source (light/window) shining towards your face, not behind you.
  2. Record somewhere quiet and turn off noisy appliances and especially music that might be in the background.
  3. Get the camera as close as you can to eye height. Looking up your nose is not a flattering shot!
  4. Wear headphones for interviews/panels – it will reduce interference.

You may also be interested in some basic equipment recommendations for filming yourself; these small investments can greatly improve the quality of your recordings.

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Tips For Filming Yourself On A Phone, iPad or Webcam

What Device Should You Use To Film Yourself?

A phone or tablet with a decent camera is perfectly fine to use and there are some tips for helping you to get the most out of it below. You may be able to do a few or all of these things but please do still send your video if you can’t do everything, it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Top Tips For Filming Yourself.

  • Take a deep breath and smile before you start!
  • For most purposes, film in landscape rather than portrait on mobile devices – unless you are specifically filming for stories.
  • Holding your device out and filming yourself at arms length is an option, however, you will get a more flattering look if you can create a little more distance by using a tripod, selfie stick or friend to hold your camera. It will also be more stable.
  • Have the camera at eye level, this is more flattering than filming at an upwards angle. Look into the lens.
  • Let the camera run for 5 seconds with silence before you start your action/message and pause for 5 seconds afterwards too – this helps us when we are editing. 
  • Don’t use the zoom on phones as this tends to create a pixillated image, it’s better to move closer to the subject if you can.

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Sound Great.

  • Try to record somewhere quiet without much background noise – can you hear a TV or maybe a fridge/heater humming? If you can, turn them off while you are recording. Avoid noisy places, like near traffic.
  • Be particularly aware of music in the background as that can be problematic with licensing.
  • Use a microphone if you have one, this should increase sound quality greatly.
  • If you are not using a plug in microphone you will need to be close to the device for better sound quality.

Best Use Of Lighting.

  • Make sure you are well lit so we can see you and anything you are talking about. Choose a light room to film in, maybe near a big window or even outside.
  • Where are the lights in the room? Avoid filming with the light source behind you as this will create a silhouette. Preferably, have the light source behind the camera’s side and pointing towards you so you are clear to see.
  • A light that shines down from above can cast parts of your face into darkness so stepping away from that will create a more even lighting effect.
And finally... Relax and smile! 

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