Listen to 35 magical minutes of The Agency Accelerator podcast with Rob Da Costa and Laura Evans of Let’s Talk Video Production, where they discuss getting started with video and podcasting for your business…

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Video content is dominating the world right now, but for so many of us (myself included for a long time!) the thought of getting in front of the camera can put us into a cold sweat! – Rob Da Costa

Me too guys… me too. I am more of a behind the camera person. However, in this podcast I talk to Rob about how you can get started or improve the content that you are already producing.

It’s targeted at beginners but if you’ve been producing for a while you may pick up some handy tips! Check out the Let’s Talk Video Production YouTube channel for more tips…

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If you would prefer someone else to produce this content for you, or need training and coaching to improve your video and podcast production, get in touch! We can do this remotely if you prefer.

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