You’ve recorded your podcast in GarageBand but you want the separate audio files to edit in another program or to send to someone… so how do you get hold of the tracks as standalone  .WAV files. It’s super easy! Here’s how…

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Prefer to read all about it. How do you extract a separate audio file from Garageband?

How To Extract An Audio File From GarageBand

  1. Save your GarageBand file once you have finished recording your audio. You could save this to your desktop to find it more easily. Otherwise, it will sit in your Garageband file in your Music folder. To find the file quickly search for the unique file name using Finder.
  2. Close Garageband to make this process happen more quickly.
  3. Find the file and right click on it to bring up options.
  4. Select “Show Package Contents.”
  5. Open “Media.”
  6. Open “Audio Files.” There you will find all of the tracks saved as separate files.
  7. Copy and Paste the files somewhere else – your desktop or a preferred folder. You can drag the files out and drop them where you want to keep them but this will delete them from the original GarageBand file so when you reopen that project the tracks won’t play in there.

Ta-da! All done.

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Video Transcript

Welcome to Let’s Talk Video Production,
let’s talk about extracting a separate
file from GarageBand. Do subscribe for
similar videos like this on podcast and
video production. So I’ve recorded some
audio here and I want that as a separate
file. I want to extract that WAV file and
have that separately. What I’m going to
do first, just make sure the project is
saved and I’m just going to save that on
my desktop so that’s going to be easier
to find and then close GarageBand
because it will make this a lot easier.
And you can see here on the desktop the
GarageBand file is there.
Right click and you’ll have a number of
options. Select “Show Package Contents” and
that’s going to open it up. Go to “Media,”
Audio Files and any audio files that
you’ve recorded are going to be there.
You could drag and drop it somewhere
else but instead we’re going to copy and paste.
If you just removed it from here
next time you go to open the GarageBand
file it’s not going to be there so
you’re recording won’t show in your
GarageBand file. You might not mind.
And there it is we’ve got the separate file
and you can do that with any number of
audio files you’ve recorded there.
So, super easy giving this video a like
would really help me out, subscribe for
more videos like this on podcast and
video production or get in touch and I
can produce your video and podcast
content for you. And leave a comment with
any questions. Thanks for watching, bye!


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