Last week I was back in the studio with the Brighton Business Show on RadioReverb. Listen in for some tips and talk about video…

Let’s talk about how video can work for your business! Check out the podcast below to hear myself and marketer Helen Cameron on the Brighton Business Show with presenter Natasha Steel.

As mentioned in the interview, please do follow the Let’s Talk Video Production YouTube channel for tips and info on video marketing.

Talking video marketing for your business on The Brighton Business Show with Helen Cameron and host Natasha Steel. Great to be back in the RadioReverb studio!

Let's Talk Video Production On YouTube

You may remember that I used to produce and present the Brighton Business Show, until April last year. It was great to be back in the studio and a bit weird being on the other side of the desk (but on the upside I didn’t have to think about constantly watching the sound levels and fiddling the knobs).

Laura Brighton Business Show
Happy memories!

RadioReverb is a fantastic local station broadcasting from the heart of the Open Market and focused on niche programming. You can hear voices there that you wouldn’t usually hear on a mainstream station. The Brighton Business Show is broadcast monthly on RadioReverb 97.2fm and online at, as well as being uploaded as a podcast. If you have news then I recommend getting in touch with Natasha and you might find yourself in the studio too!

Let's Talk...

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