If you are uploading videos to YouTube as part of your video content marketing strategy, here are 3 features that will help you to increase your video views and subscriptions to your channel.

1. Thumbnails

Attractive shop fronts get the punters through the door. Your video Thumbnail is the small image that people will see when browsing videos and a good one will incentivise them to watch. Make the design clear, attractive and related to the video content.

If you aren’t using a Custom Thumbnail you are missing out. Watch the video below for everything you need to know about Thumbnails; including how to add a Thumbnail and dimensions and file properties for the graphic you can use.


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2. Cards

When your presenter refers to a subject that is mentioned in another of your videos, wouldn’t it be great if you could link to that video so interested parties could go and watch it? But YouTube has done away with Featured Videos and Annotations…

Luckily, you can use Cards. Cards pop up at the allocated time to link to another video or playlist or can be browsed whilst the viewer is watching the video.

Or maybe you want to boost interactivity by adding a poll? Or link to another Channel or even an associated website.

Watch the video below for more about Cards and how to add them.


3. End Screen

An End Screen is an overlay that typically shows at the end of videos to link viewers to more of your content, encourage them to subscribe or to link to another Channel or associated website.

It’s a no brainer to take advantage of this feature! However, there are some restrictions as to how you can use End Screens. Check out the video below for a full explanation of the feature and how to add End Screens to your videos. Restrictions and the like are explained towards the end (starting at 4min 40seconds).


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