Featured Videos (aka Featured Content) have disappeared. So let’s talk about some alternatives that you can use to improve engagement with your content. 

In the past you could select a “featured” video or playlist to pop up across all of your videos. Trouble was, no-one actually like the feature, with viewers 20 times more likely to close the popup rather than click on it. They just got in the way of people’s viewing.

As of 14th December 2017 the featured video option was no more – just in case you were wondering where did my featured video go…

INSTEAD you can use Cards or End screens to encourage more engagement with your content. Check out the videos below to understand these features.

Let's Talk Video Production On YouTube

Understand End Screens in 1 minute!

How to add a Card to your YouTube video.

Hope that was useful! If you want to talk about your video marketing and strategy get in touch and let’s talk…

Let's Talk...

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