How to remove a Manager from your YouTube account in 5 easy steps. 

A staff member has moved on or your relationship with a freelancer has come to an end and it’s time to remove their access to your YouTube account. Let’s assume we mean either Owners or Managers when we refer to “Manager” in this article. Find out what is the difference between a Manager and Owner on YouTube in the linked blog.


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So how do you remove a Manager from YouTube?

How to remove a Manager from YouTube in 5 easy steps

1. Log into your account and go to the Account page (
2. Select the “Add Or Remove Managers” link. It is in the Manager section of Account Information.
3. Select “Manage Permissions.” This will open up a list of people who currently have access to your account and their roles.
4. Press the cross next to the name of the person you want to remove.
5. Click on “Remove” and that’s it! An email will be sent to them to confirm access removal and you will see that they have been removed from the permissions list.

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I can’t remove a Manager in YouTube.

To be able to remove other roles in YouTube you need to:

  1. Be a Primary Owner or Owner.
  2. If removing yourself and you are the Primary Owner you will need to transfer the Primary status to another Owner first. There must always be one Primary Owner.
  3. Check you are logged in to the correct account. You can change this via the channel list page.

why can't I remove Manager on YouTube

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Video Transcript

Hi welcome to Let’s Talk Video Production and let’s talk about how to remove a manager on your YouTube account.

Maybe someone’s left your organization or you’ve finished working with a freelancer and it’s time to remove them from being able to manage your account. You need to be an Owner to do this and if you’re the Primary Owner you can’t remove yourself, you would need to swap that primary ownership to another owner. There has to be a Primary Owner at all times.

If you want to understand the roles of YouTube Owners and Managers check out the link in the description to see a video about that (

So first make sure you’re signed into your account and you want to go to the Account page, you can type into the browser to reach that or go to the top right icon here, select that and select the gear aka Account Settings. And that will take you to the Account page.

We’re going to select add or remove managers here and that will take you to this page which gives you the option to manage permissions so we’ll select that button and here’s the person that we want to remove so we’re just going to select the cross by their name and then confirm remove.

Done, they’re gone. If I went back into manager permissions you can see they have been fully removed from the list. Looking at their email, they’ll have a confirmation that their access has changed, it has been revoked.

And you’re done. Hope that was helpful, if it was you’re helping me out by giving this video a like. Maybe you know someone who would find this useful, please do share. Thanks for watching

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