How to add a Manager to your YouTube account and why you will want to do this to help you manager your businesses YouTube channel…

Let’s consider that the phrase “Manager” here refers to all of the roles you could use to manage YouTube channel (Primary Owner, Owner, Manager).

If you prefer, watch a 2 minute video that shows you how to add a Manager on YouTube:


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Why add a Manager to your YouTube account?

  • Because you want to delegate responsibilities to employees.
  • To allow someone you have outsourced video marketing to the ability to access your account to view analytics and manage videos.
  • So your video producer can upload videos straight to your account.
  • To protect your own personal account and login details.
  • To protect your account by granting a controlled level of access.

But how do you add a Manager to YouTube?

How to add a Manager to your YouTube account in 7 easy steps.

  1. Log into your account and go to the Account page (
  2. Select the “Add Or Remove Managers” link. It is in the Manager section of Account Information.
  3. Select “Manage Permissions.” This will open up a list of people who currently have access to your account and their roles.
  4. Select the “Add New Users” icon on the top right of this box. The icon looks like two people with a plus sign.
  5. Type in the email addresses of the people you want to add. You can add multiple people.
  6. Choose a role from the drop down menu – more about the different roles on YouTube account in the linked blog.
  7. Click on “Invite” and an email will be sent to them. They just need to Accept the invite and they will then be able to manage the account.

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I can’t add a Manager to YouTube.

To be able to add other roles to YouTube you need to:

  1. Be a Primary Owner or Owner.
  2. Be adding Managers to a Brand Account.
  3. Check you are logged in to the correct account. You can change this via the channel list page.

why can't I add a manager to youtube

Changed your mind? See how to remove a manager on YouTube.

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Video Transcript

Hi welcome to Let’s Talk Video Production and let’s talk about how to add a manager to your YouTube account. Hit the subscribe button for tips how to’s and videos about business and video marketing.

You might want to add someone as a manager to your YouTube account so someone else can manage your account without having access to your own personal and login details. Maybe you have multiple people that need to manage your account or are using an outsourcer for video marketing or production and this means they can easily access the account to manage it.

You will need to be an owner of the account yourself to be able to grant someone this access plus you need to have a brand account. If you want to understand the roles of YouTube owners and managers or check if you have a brand account and swap it over if you need to, check out the description for links to videos about that.

So firstly make sure you are signed in to your account and you need to get to the account page here so you can reach that by typing into the browser or if you go to your icon on the top right here press it and select the YouTube settings gear option and that will take you to this page.

You can tell that this is a brand account because I’ve got the option here to add or remove managers if this was not a brand account I wouldn’t see that option and then you would need to change your account into a brand account.

So select add or remove managers and you’ll be brought to this page where you have the option to select manage permissions here. So we’ll select that, you can see the people here who are allocated roles on your account and to add someone to manage the account we’re going to select this icon to invite new users on the top right. And we’re just going to type in the email address of the person we want to add and choose a role.

Bear in mind if you select to make them an owner you’re giving them a lot of control over the account so we’re going to make this person a manager. Again if you want to understand these different roles I’ve made a video about that which I’ll link to.

And we’re going to invite them they will receive a email in their inbox like this and they can accept that invitation. The person who’s accepted the invite will have a confirmation email that they are a manager and now they can manage the account.

See as a manager they can’t add other people to manage the account or remove them as an owner they would be able to do that.

If I go back to the primary owner and manage permissions there I can see them sitting there. I could change their role if I wanted to so I could make them into an owner there.

And you’re done hope that was helpful. If it is you’re helping me out by giving this video a like maybe you know someone who would find this useful please do share and subscribe to stay in touch and get tips for your video content marketing. Thanks for watching.

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